Windows 7 Tuneup Utilities: Disk Space Gone after using TuneUp Shredder!


I have been using the Tuneup Shredder feature of Tuneup Utilities for quite a time. When it showed the option of "Delete the free allocated Space", I enquired about it but the answer was quite misleading on the website. So I ended up "Selecting" that option.

I have used it for a number of times. But now I find that almost 50GB (yes, that is quite precious to me) is almost gone! I can't understand where it's gone. I enquired on some forums then came to know that it was all because of that option.

I am very much worried about my disk space. Now that total size of disk is shown 50GB less! Please advice me what should I do to get back my 50GB space. Please don't disappoint me!
Firstly, I would advise not using Tuneup Utilities, with all the added utilities it has, one has to be familiar with what it does. You could do a system restore to a point in time before you "DELETED"your unallocated space.
I'm not a fan of most tuneup programs either. I messed up my Windows 98 with one and had to reinstall. Now I simply use Ccleaner at the default settings.
Hey Friend ,
you can also use the " Rescue center " option which is available in Tuneup utilities ! you can roll back your system changes !
I guess that's because the overwrite file was not successfully removed. You can find the file and remove it manually. Of course, re-do it and don't interrupt operation, I guess it will also be removed.

Using such tool, you should check your disk to make sure your file system is fine. Normally, I use Eraser to do the same job. :cool:
Obviously you have deleted a part of your hard disk partition, period. So now you have 50Gb of non-allocated = non-formatted space. You need to get that space formatted, in order for Windows to be able to use it.

Windows doesn't show it at all? Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Computer Management\Disk Management

If not, you'll probably need a tool to deal with it. There are several, the one I have found most reliable is GParted,
Yes - all that has happened is that any unused space in your partition has beee de-allocated from the partition and been marked as unused or non-allocated. You can reallocate the unused space as mentioned by Titanic from within disk management (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Computer Management\Storage\Disk Management) by right clicking inside the affected partition and selecting extend volume.
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