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May 1, 2008
Over the last few days, I have suddenly started to get the latest posts from this section, in the "What's New" click. The majority are not Windows 8 related.
Is this something I have accidentally altered in the browser, or a new feature. Whichever, is there any way it can be hidden>?

I would like all that crap to stop flooding the forum. Seems such a waste of time to me and like you stated, most of it has nothing to do with windows 8 at all.

No comments received, but it seems to have gone away again, Bass
I understand that the Admin has some health problems at the moment, so is not too active

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As usual, the implementation of a new feature can come with some... issues. Unfortunately, this is actually from Microsoft's official update feed. We were hoping to maintain a list of KB article numbers for Windows updates. For this reason, some additional filtering is being applied so that Windows customers/viewers will not get inundated with updates to System Center and all of the other software which mostly are only used on the business end of the apparatus. The goal is to give a list of KB updates for Windows 8... I am going to post most of them for X64 right now on a sticky and also add some filter blocking for this feed.

Thanks Mike. I am sure the mod will be appreciated by many users