two questions for the board, on hibernation and back up.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by stevae, Oct 4, 2010.

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    first, my system runs great 99% of the time. but when i close my lid to make my system hibernate, later when i want to continue, the fingerprint reader isn't found, and the system runs really slowly in everything i try to do. once i log off, and log back on, everything is fine. but what is going on with the hibernation?
    second, just wondered if anyone on here has any experience with the back up program ms has in the control panel, and how it compares to acronis. can this image reload the entire computer back to exactly the same, programs, drivers and all, like acronis can do?
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    1-probably a driver taking too long to respond (the fingerprint reader) check its driver in device manager
    Please go to start>search>type device manager.
    Are there any "unknown devices" with yellow triangles on them?
    Is you driver there , listed, and working?

    If your driver is missing, or there is a yellow triangle on it, you will need to update it.

    2- the built in backup is poor in my opinion. It is not as easy as Acronis, nor as flexible, and if you cant get you machine to boot you are hosed. At least with Acronis you can export them to another HD and pour the image back. For me it is no contest.

    Ken J

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