Ubuntu mounts and reads but windows reads as cyclic redundancy?

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by Jeremy Wolfe, Dec 8, 2014.

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    Dec 8, 2014
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    So i bought a 1T Western Digital hard drive from Best Buy today and copied the contents of my old hard drive onto my new one using Acronis Disk Director. It was running fantastic afterward, so I decided to add another partition to dual boot on. After coping the data and restarting the drive it shows an error saying "No Boot Device Available". Immediately after that, I had thought that the BCD needed to be re-done. So I booted up from a windows installation disk and ran bootrec /fixmbr... still nothing.... Next i decided to boot from a Ubuntu live disk to see if i can mount it from there, since the last boot partition I had added was Linux.... It successfully mounted from linux, and I was able to read and write from there. I then decided to format the disk and start all over with 1T of unallocated space. I ran the Windows installation disk again and it still says the disk has 0 bytes available. Also when i connect via USB to another machine i get a redundancy error.... My question is how will it mount in Linux and work perfectly when i get redundancy errors in any windows platform? Also how can i fix this? Has anyone had this error?
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    1. mbr = xp, vista and 7
    the Linux gurp is for these systems (not 8 or 8.1).
    2. gpt = 8 and above... they don't mix.
    3. you made a backup first and that was correct... well done.
    I would re-copy the hdd and start again.

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