Windows 8 Unable to change folder and files permission, neither icalcs nor security tab !!


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Jul 14, 2013
I am unable to change any permission for any folder . every option that supposed to be available for setting the permission is gray out!! , for some of my files I see the owner is "unable to display the current owner". The problem is the same for every single folder and file. I checked other systems (friends laptops and desktops) and they are working just fine ! but I am just unable to modify any permission for any folder or file !! even I tried to change the owner but it didn't worked !!

I think it happened after a windows update
please help !!
error 1.jpg
error 2.jpg
error 3.jpg
Hi You posted this in 3 different sections of the site. Can you please not do that. I've deleted the duplicates but shall leave this and hopefully you'll get an answer.
thank you, I didn't know that . I was in hurry, I though I might get answers sooner if I post in different sections. thank you for letting me have this one
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