Unable to find the file in Windows 7

I Imported my video from my cam coder using a program called TV Expert which comes with my TV tuner card.
I am able to play back the video from the program , but unable to find the file out side the program , remember the file size is 3.7GB (Can't miss). When I open the file from the program the location of the file is c:\program files\TV expert\movies.
But when i open a windows explorer and go to that location i am unable to find the file. The icon of the file has pad lock , dose any one has any clue/
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I have attached the screen shots , help , help , help


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Try thia free download and use ut;s powerDesk search engie DO NOY check any boxes during instal

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Use the Fule Finder feature

The default setting for UAC does not permit writing to the tree under "Program Files". Instead Win7 creates a shadow folder under the current user where new/modified files are saved. For example when your app says it is saving to C:\Program Files\ it is actually saving to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\ . Vista is the same in this respect. if you navigate to C:\Program Files\TV expert\movies and click Compatibility Files Explorer will display this shadow folder contents and my guess is that you will find your missing file there.

You can get rid of this shadow behavior by turning UAC off. That is what I have done as I have found it to be a royal pain even more so than it was under Vista.

Hope this helps....


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The default setting for UAC does not permit writing to the tree under "Program Files".
I have to disageee with you on that statement. Before I have turned UAC off, I was able to install to the Program Files directory.

I believe with UAC on you can install to Program Files but if you try to create a text file under Program Files you will find that you cannot. Furthermore if you create a Word document and try to save it to c:\program Files, an error is generated at least that is how my system works.

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