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After upgrading my Compaq Presario SR5139UK with GeForce 8400GS and a generic 19" LCD monitor from Vista to W7 I am unable get the full resolution on the monitor. In control panel the monitor is shown as a 17" and gives no option to select a 19". The max resolution that I can get is 1152 * 764 rather than the previous 1440 * 900 under Vista. I have updated the NVIDIA driver to 191.07 but with no success. Any ideas please?


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try obtaining a driver for the LCD

Unfortunately it is a 'generic' with no named manufacturer.


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If you click "List all modes" does the desired resolution show up?

Unfortunately not. In the meantime I have got a result by installing an earlier NVIDIA Vista driver (181). It still thinks that it is only a 17" display though.

Oh dear, spoke too soon. Started up this morning and it has reverted back to 1280 * 1024. Now need to in vestigate why.


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Did you download the driver directly from Nvidia?

They seem to w,ork fine for everyone,.


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I found this snippet elsewhere see if that helps :

"If your problem is that Windows 7 Doesn't recognize all the resolutions your monitor offers then your FIX is a little more complicated. First thing you wanna do is download the nvidia driver I listed above and save it. don't install it yet. Next thing you wanna do is download a WORKING COPY of Powerstrip. In the powertrip description it doesn't say much about Nvidia products but it works!!!! You can google Powerstrip download for different versions but the link below worked for me.

http://downloads.guru3d.com/PowerS [...] d-169.html

What powerstrip does is allow you to make a custom driver for your Monitor allowing windows and Nvidia to recognize you true monitor resolutions. (ONLY US POWERSTRIP IF ALL YOUR MONITORS RESOLUTIONS ARE NOT BEING RECOGNIZED BY WINDOWS 7 AND YOUR NVIDIA SOFTWARE DRIVERS.

Install Powerstrip and follow these instructions...

1. Make your custom drivers.
a. open powerstrip and go to options then monitor information
b. then on bottom left select write custom monitor driver
c. Next to max resolution put the maximun resolution that your monior suppports.
d. Save the file in a place easy to find and name it.

2. Install your custom driver.
a. go to my computer right click
b . go to properties
c. go to devise manager
d. monitors
c. Your monitor might be listed but doubtfull. it is more than likely listed as generic non pnp devise
d. right click genericnonn pnp or your monitor if listed.
e. o tto properties
f. click driver tab
g. click update driver
h. browse my computer for software
i. let me pick from a list of devise drivers on my computer
j. click on have disk
k. brwose to where ever you stored your custom made river

l. click ok
m. install driver.
n. restart computer.

Now when you computer reboots check and see if anymore resolutions are available for you. If they are you've done it. However, if they are available to you but Windows 7 goes black or won't allow you to use them then you need to install The older version of Nvivia drivers i talked about earlier."

The MicroSoft support centre has now helped out with this problem. There initial response was to try all the things that I had done. They then put me in touch with the NVIDIA support team, again their initial response was to do all the things that I had done. Eventually they suggested going to their driver archive and loading an earlier driver, version 186.18, which has now allowed me to set up a custom 1440 * 900 resolution which appears to be stable. The system still shows the monitor as 17" rather than the actual 19", but atleast I now have a usable system with the best resolution.


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Are you moving the slider to its highest position.

I don'y know if a 19" monitor supports it, but try 1680x1050

Are you moving the slider to its highest position.

I don'y know if a 19" monitor supports it, but try 1680x1050
Friends 16" laptop moniter supports 1680x1050:confused:.


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Can you get 1680x1050 resolution on your machine?

It could be the Generic Driver is not capable of higher resolutions

1440 * 900 is the maximum resolution of my monitor.


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Go to Start > Run, and type msinfo32.

Expand the display section and this should tell you what driver you are using.

Post back with that information.

This is the driver info.

nvlddmkm.sys (, 9.10 MB (9,545,152 bytes), 17/08/2009 1:57 AM)

Installed Drivers nvd3dum.dll,nvwgf2um.dll,nvwgf2um.dll

Any help?


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It seems like the latest driver, but why not visit Nvidia's site and see if there is an updated version

Why not visit Nvidia's site and see if they have an updated driver

I'm assuming you're running 32-bit, but there is a driver for 64-bit also.


Yes th newer version is 10/05/09

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Afraid that is the whole problem. With the latest NVIDIA driver I can't get 1440 * 900, but with the older one I can.


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Create a Restore Point

Uninstal the Nvidia drivers from Programs and Features.

Restart Windows and allow it to install the Windows WDDM driver.

Thanks Reghakr but where do I get the WDDM driver? Have searched the Microsoft web but cannot find a WDDM driver to down load, just a Powerpoint presentation.


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After you uninstall your current graphic card drivers and restart your computer Windows should automatically find it for you and install it.

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