Windows 7 Unable to install Dell touchpad


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Apr 8, 2013

I have Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate installed in it. It was working fine and once I wanted to install synaptics touchpad driver for multi-gesture feature. I tried to install twice or thrice but the installation was getting failed. Thinking that if any other touchpad driver is already installed, it's not possible to install synaptics, I uninstalled Dell touchpad(ALPS touchpad). Consequently the sensitivity of the touch got lost. Again I tried installing synaptics but the installation was being failed.

I tried even to install the ALPS touchpad latest available to my model as well as the one given with the DVD of drivers with my laptop too, but I'd failures again.

Eventually I'm left with a dumb touch without being able to install any good touchpad driver. It's not even possible now to open a folder or any file by a double tap

I don't even know to completely remove everything related to touch and install it newly.

My question is

"Is synaptics not supported in my laptop?"

If it is, please guide me to install it.
If not, please suggest me a way to have the same good touch either by installing ALPS in a different way or by installing any other driver.

Sorry for my poor English.
Since they are different devices, I would not expect a different driver to work on another device. Did you have some indication the Synaptics driver would be compatible with the Alps touchpad?

To remove the device and its drivers, you probably need to go into the Device Manager (Devmgmt.msc) and uninstall the device. Make sure and check to remove all drivers. Then reinstall the Dell drivers.

You may also have an option to rollback the drivers, which you could try first.
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