Unable To Load A Certain .exe Program


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Hello Everyone

I am running Windows 10 pro, I am trying to load a training program which is .exe but my anti virus wont allow it. I has goine into setting and disabled defender but I still cant load this program. My training compant said its an AV issue but I cant fix it can anyone please advise or help??

Defender as also beeb turned off in Group Policy

I would very much appreaciate any help or guidance

Thanks in advance



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If it's a 3rd party end point software I would open a support case with them. If you're certain it's a non-malicious application you should be able to whitelist it in your end point protection software.


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Hi I have spoken to my training company and they have confirmed it is 100% non malicious and it works on many other systems. I have white listed it as well, but when I open the application it only opens briefly then disappears. It there a possibility my OS could be missing files or something or is there any other way I could over come this ??
I appreciate your help