Unable to log on to/into my computer.


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Specifics: I use a Dell core i3 laptop (10 months old). The operating system is windows 8.1. There are two users: myself being primary (admin), and my daughter being secondary. I switch the laptop on, then enter the password, what the laptop refuses to accept. Though, my daughter (as secondary user is able to log into her account). 8 hours ago everything worked fine.

Please assist. Thank you.


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If it says the password is incorrect then it is in fact incorrect. If your daughters account is an admin then you can simply reset your main account password.

If it isn't an admin account and yours is a local account (not an MS account) then you can follow this and blank out or reset your password.


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You haven't got "Caps Lock" turned on have you?


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Maybe you write password wrong that is reason window depict you wrong password
Make sure you check your caps lock keys on or off


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does your password have a @ or a $ in it?
if so then you may have set your keyboard to a different layout and the work around would be to plug in a usb keyboard to sign in with

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