Windows 10 Unable to pin chrome "apps" to start menu


I'm a Chrome user, and want to pin website "apps" to the start menu in Win10. According to several websites, this should be possible, and should generate a little unique icon. See, for instance, here: Use Chrome to Create a Windows 10 App from Any Website. They claim to have created a start screen that looks like this using the Chrome "pin to taskbar" feature:

When I try to do this, I get a generic website icon, instead of the pretty Chrome-generated icons. Here are the steps I'm taking (following the instructions given on the website above):

1) Navigate to the website in question using Chrome.
2) Click the "hamburger" icon.
3) Click "more tools"
4) Click "add to desktop." Make sure that "open as window" is checked. (N.B. The instructions on this website say to click "add to taskbar, but I don't have that option, despite the fact that I'm running the latest Chrome.)
So far, so good. I get a nice desktop icon like this (which also shows up on the taskbar):

5) Right click on the desktop icon and click "pin to start." This is where things go awry. I get this on the start menu:



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I just tried that and the same thing happens to me.
No matter what, I start with I get the Chrome icon in the start menu.

I'm guessing that's because Windows sees this as opening Chrome not as opening the web page.

I don't get the option to pin to the task bar either.

Do it manually. Once you have got a desktop shortcut, open File explorer and copy the desktop icon to
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
Yeah this doesn't work. The Start Menu sees chrome as the executable so it will have the chrome icon.
I created a GURU 3D shortcut then dragged and dropped it to the same place David
Problem solved! (Maybe partly?)

I have to add. though. If it comes to shortcuts to web pages, I prefer to stick them in the bookmarks.
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They show up in the program menu just fine, but when you right click it and "Pin to Start" it will not display the correct icon.
As you could see, both the one from Kemical, and mine, are pinned to start. - Not sure what you mean by "program menu"?
See below, right click the icon added to the program menu and select "Pin to start" and you will see.