Unable to view unzipped and extracted files

Hi there,

I have a very strange problem. I downladed a very large file (cointained mostly .PDF) files. Download fine it was zipped. I unzipped it using winzip and it extracted fine. When I went to the directory to view the files it said the folder was empty. I right clicked on it and to view the properties and it said the size was 655 mb, and there were 55 folder and 230 files but I can't see them???
I extracted the file on another machine and no problem, i copied the files to a USB drive and took it back to my machine and no files?

Any ideas???


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Try going to control panel, folder options, view then:

1. check the "show hidden files an d folders" option
2. Uncheck the four options to hide files

Thanks!!! That was it!

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