Undo install procedure Catalyst driver?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Graphics' started by pstein, Jul 11, 2015.

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    Assume I found a newer (Catalyst) Driver for my Win 7 graphic card but I am not sure if it is really the correct.

    So if I double click on the download Catalyst (Suite) package and start the installation:

    Does the installation procedure check at first if it is really the correct version?

    If there is no auto-self-detection and I proceed with the installation and something goes wrong:
    How do I undo the driver installation and revert to the previous state?

    If the driver messes my system I cannot do an uninstall through windows.
    So there must be another way.

    Can I do an uninstall in safe re-booted Windows7?
    In other words does safe mode use a different (built-in) graphic driver?

    When I get uninstall the wrong Catalyst driver it somehow is automatcially the previous driver re-activated or do I have to install it (again)?

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    It checks to see if you have the most current one...if you do it wont install.

    Yes...you can uninstall it using windows, from the; control panel>programs>programs/features>uninstall or change a program. Or you can use Display-Driver Uninstaller.

    Yes...you can use safemode to uninstall....and no...it only uses the graphics card you have in the system no special GPU. But it uses it in basic mode and at the lowest resolution.

    Once a drive is uninstalled it's gone. You will then need to download and install the previous driver/software package from the manufactures website.

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