Unidenfied Network but it seems unsual

hi, I'm having what most people are having which is an unidentified network problem, however, this one seems to be a little strange. I have tried looking around and I still have to find another person having a similar problem as me. I open up network and sharing and it show that I not only have the exclamation mark but i also have the red X. The exclamation mark is between my pc and unidentified network and the red cross is between the unidentified network and internet.

I have tried to look for and do all kinds of solutions on the internet from install protocols on internet protocol version 6 and 4 to simply restarting my router. To be a little more specific with my problem it seems my laptop, PS3, and Itouch all have no problem finding the router and connecting to it. I was even wondering if it was my wireless adapter so I plugged in to my laptop to see if work and it does. I have only narrowed it down to my PC unable to connect to my actual wireless adapter. If there is anything else you need to know please let me know.


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i am having the same problem here as wel,..

alright i found out what it is. I have a wireless usb adaptor and it needed to be updated. I just popped in my cd and updated the driver and it started to work again. i know this is a tricky one because I'm guessing it doesn't happen too often. Like I said, have looked everywhere and tried everything so i guess when in doubt update a driver.

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