unidentified network wireless problem

I'm new here and I have a problem with networking connection.
When I open Network and sharing center, isee my computer on the left, unidentified network in the middle and no internet connection on the right.
I tried various methods such as disabling ipv4 or ipv6, enabling auto connectivity, i have no ##Id_String, updated my driver, tcp stack, ip /release ip /reset, netsh int reset etc.
Here's the thing,
I cannot access internet via network on either my or anywhere else that has wifi point or a router. to simplicate matters, i live in an apartment and my roomies share a router. It was working fine for me until suddenly this incident happened on this monday. I have a toshiba laptop; i will update since i am on a public computer. I had this laptop in July and was working properly.
thank you


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It was working fine for me until suddenly this incident happened on this monday
Since this just occurred yesterday, consider what may have happened. Often it's a result of a software install, possibly a driver update or an application install or update. Consider using device manage to roll back the driver for the problem device also check your third party apps, like firewalls or internet security suites, uninstall them. Or even consider a system restore to a restore point prior to yesterday.
Keep us posted. And welcome to the forums.

I did system restore to an earlier time before the incident had happened. it could be possibly a software install. i believe it was a adobe flash player installment? i had preinstalled it but somehow i had to reinstall it. any way i could undo that? if not then i do not know. If uninstalling firewalls or internet security suites, i would be vulnerable, no? I will be posting some pictures later possibly tomorrow or later today. thank you.

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