Windows 7 Update for HP 8550 Printer


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May 30, 2009
I have an HP 8558 networked printer connected to an SBS2003 server. Windows 7 RC1 ic connected to the SBS domain. One of the updates offered through Windows Update is 'Microsoft driver update for HP Color LaserJet 8550 PCL'. The driver ID appears to be 3175.

I have now installed the update 4 times, and it keeps coming back. I've tried it with the printer on, off, with the PC connected to the network and disconnected.

I've now told it to ignore the update, so I don't see it again.

The printer does appear to be working fine. If I get round to re-installing Win 7 again, I'll check the printer before adding the update.

Just thought someone should know about the problem.

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