Windows 7 Update slows the system


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A couple of days ago there was an update.
After that update my system slowed down a lot. The windows explorer takes about 10 seconds to open.

The same kind of thing happened with the update in the beginning of last November.
Running the disk error check helped a lot (when I finally found some advice).
Someone stated that the windows update "revived" some bad sectors, and they caused
the problem. Sounds weird, but disk check really made a difference. Then again, so did the update.

Any idea if the new thing is the same?
Are updates going to cause that every now and then in the future?

It's 64-bit windows 7 and Core2Duo E8400@3GHz, 4GB RAM, 130 GB free disk space.
About all I know is that some of the .Net updates have to be configured and that happens in the background. That may be taking some of your Processor power after an update.

Have you left Task Manager open and watched the CPU usage there? Other things, like updaters or virus scanners, etc. could also be slowing things down.
I hope the screen capture is readable. It doesn't seem to matter which size of picture I upload. It is always displayed very small.


There hasn't bee any changes in the application programs. It was just the update that seem to have slowed down my system.
Also. it's my work machine, and the slowness doesn't go anywhere during the day(s). Even scanning ends eventually.
I run the disk check, and even if it didn't seem to do much anything ("system is clean" - or something), it helped again. Weird.
Now idle is between 98% and 99%. There were some boots before this disk checking boot, and they
didn't help.
Have you done any other system maintenance like scanning for junk files using Ccleaner? Checking system for any malware and spyware that might be hidden on the system? Defragging the hard drive?
Like I said: The system was slow, Then I set up the disk checking for the next boot, rebooted the system, and the system got a lot faster.
Previous reboots didn't help, so it looks like the disk check was the key.
That is: No maintenance actions, SW (de/)installations or anything was done.

Especially when running the disk ckeck didn't do much anything (it sayed something like "the system is clean" or something).