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Hi I am new to this forum so apologise if a similar question has already been asked. I have an old desktop currently running vista, old and very slow. I also have a laptop running Windows 7 but the laptop is busted beyond any hope of repair. Can I deregister the Windows 7 license on the laptop and instal it on the desktop so I can use it to apply for an upgrade to Windows 10? If so how do I do this?
The desktop is old and I think only sports 2gb of ram will this be enough to run 10. I have also used a pen drive for Windows ready boost but this doesn't seem to help

Would really appreciate if anyone can give me any advice on this. Thank you


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I'm guessing that if you computer is that old putting Windows 10 on it probably isn't a good idea, but here's information about how to de-register and re-register your product key in Windows 7.

How To Uninstall Your Windows Product Key Before You Sell Your PC

I'm not guaranteeing that this works since I've never tried doing this myself.
And it may depend on the type of installation that's on your laptop, i.e. OEM etc.

I've also read that just installing Windows 7 on the new computer will work it you call Microsoft and tell them that you scraped your old computer and moved the OS to a new one.

But if you do get it to work, it might be better to just stick with Windows 7 on your computer rather then upgrading to Windows 10.

At least be sure to run the compatibility test before going ahead.
Especially if you have only 2 Gigs of ram, I'm not sure that's enough, I believe that Microsoft say that Windows 10 should have a minimum of 4 and I think that's on the low side.

I've seen a number of problems reported by people putting Windows 10 on an old computer, it simply may not have drivers for older hardware.


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Thank you for this information. I think you are right about running Windows 10 on this old machine as I ran some Dell diagnostics on it and it suggested it was too old for Windows 10 so I might just stick Windows 7 on it and leave it at that. I think Windows 7 is much superior to Vista so that would be a worthwhile upgrade. Might look into getting a bit more Ram as this might help too so long as it doesn't cost much. Not worth spending good money on something old like this. I really only use it to store photos on as a back up these days.

Many thanks for your help


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Windows 10 actually does pretty well on older hardware. I upgraded an old netbook of mine that has an ATOM cpu and only 1.5GB of RAM and Win 10 runs pretty decently on it.

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