Upgrade from XP Pro x64 to Win 7

I've been using XP Pro x64 for some time now. Never upgraded to Vista 64-bit because there was really nothing in it that I really need over XP Pro -- it just took up more space and memory (not to mention that it also did annoying things). It is, however, probably time to upgrade to Windows 7. I played with the beta on a separate box (to access 32-bit only scanners) and it's OK.

However, in upgrading to Windows 7 I found that you can't just upgrade from XP, you need to do a clean install -- back-up all your data, wipe the disk, do a clean install, and then re-install everything.

This is clearly a PITA. I have a lot of software installed and it would take me days to re-install all these programs -- hopefully I can find all the disks, serial numbers, etc.

I see that if you buy a Vista upgrade now, you can get a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it comes out.

Is to feasible to buy Vista 64-bit new, do an upgrade to XP x64, and then do another free upgrade to Windows 7 and avoid doing the whole clean install nightmare?

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