Insider Preview Upgrade Process - How Should I Proceed?

This may not be a question anyone necessarily has an answer for, but would appreciate any opinions.

I work at a school and would like to upgrade about 70 computers to W10. Unfortunately, teachers get back around August 5, so it will be a crunch.

1. I have 100 volume licenses for W8. Will these be upgraded to W10 in the licensing service center?

If not, I would guess the only solution is to install W8 and upgrade them when possible.

I would probably prefer to do a fresh install of W10, of course, but I'm not sure if my keys will work, and would also be a little worried about getting it done in time with any glitches pushing out to so many computers.


Can someone please tell MS to move up the release date!? Or any other ideas would be nice...


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I personally, haven't had to deal with Volume Licensing for a while, but I would expect that if your Software Assurance contract is still up to date and being maintained, that you would receive the upgrade.
Exactly how that will work, I do not know, although I would assume that a Volume License Key and the appropriate ISO would hopefully be part of the deal, other wise I'm guessing that each individual machine would have to be separately upgraded.


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Sounds like a major mess when the teachers come back to find all their computers don't work the same way they did before... IF Microsoft follows their normal roll out then you do have to install Windows 8.1 first but perhaps this time around they will let you hop over it because they want people to take up the new system as fast as possible.

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I'd wait until they get the bugs worked out before doing a major upgrade multiple PCs.

Thank you for all the replies. I'm thinking it would be best just to wait another year when there's more time to figure the ins-and-outs of W10.

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