I have a hp stream note book w/ 21.3 gb capacity; i tried to upgrade to 10 (I have 8.1) but I didn't have enough disk space in drive c. What it the best way to upgrade? Portable hard drive, flash drive, or another method?
I have 4.35 gb available in c.


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I used the following procedure:
- make a system copy and a repair disk before going to next step
- uninstall every thing you don't need during the upgrade (any additional program)
- go to properties of your C: drive, run clean up, and system clean up, check every available option
- maybe you want to optimize your C: drive now, it can't hurt...
See whether this is enough, I think it is

Hope this helps


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If the above isn't enough space then your next best is to;
  1. Get a new hdd that is at least 20g bigger than what you have now but also the same type of interface and (Physical Dimensions) size,
  2. Use an good image backup software to clone the current system onto the new drive.
  3. Remove your current drive and replace it with the new one
  4. Upgrade as normal from here.

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