Upgrading a 64bit windows 7 pro to Windows 10 32bit Pro...Can I do it?


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I have an Dell Optiplex 980 running Win 7 Pro on a 64 bit platform. It is maxed at 4 GB ram which I think is the minimum to run Win 10 64b. Can I just update to the 32 bit OS so the 4 gb memory will be more adequate?
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Minimum Memory Requirements: 1GB Windows 10 32-bit, 2GB Windows 10 64-bit

The only way to upgrade to 32-bit Windows 10 is if the previous OS is also 32-bit. You may be able to find a 32-bit version somewhere, but I haven't seen one.

Windows 10 64-bit should run fine with 4GB of memory. One of my laptops has 4GB and it runs without any noticeable performance issues.