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Hey guys, I have a Bigpond 2Wire modem running through a Belkin Wireless N Router and every month I go over my usage because someone must be getting in and using it all. its WPA encrypted password and I've changed it and someone is still getting in. I don't know what to do because now I am on Telstra Business Broadband and they have run me thousands of dollars over my allowance (you pay $0.08 a MB when you go over) and when you go over by 50GB it costs ALOT.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Set the router to use WPA2 with AES encryption. This is virtually impossible to hack. Make sure you use a very long, random-generated password.

Enable mac filtering on the router, although this is very easily bypassed.

WPA2 with AES is the way to go for you.

Hey, would you be a ble to instruct me on how to change the password to WPA with AES? (by the way I was mistaken before, its actually a Netgear Wireless G Router not Belkin Wireless N)
I just checked and I'm already set to WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] encryption (which is the best mine offers i think). So what else can I do

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The settings are individual for each router, so it is a little hard to guide.

Approximately, the settings should be as shown here:

Tutorial: How to set up WPA2 on your wireless network

As TorrentG well pointed this out, WPA2 has more than three protection levels, making it nearly impossible for computer guru hackers to break the encryption, while AES is so good that it blocks statistical analysis of the cipher text.

So, if your new settings are working, you should be doing fine now.


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If you want to tighten up any more try any or all of these:

limit the rang of IP addresses to just the ones you use
turn off your ssid broadcast
turn off dhcp and use static address allocation.

Might also be worth getting some bandwidth usage.monitoring/logging software.

You could also have a malware infection using bandwidth - try running some malware checks (such as mbam).

hey guys, i checked again and in 2 days another 108GB was used so in a month well over 250GB has been used on a 15GB plan. not good. well before I checked here I just turned off SSID Broadcasting so now I hope I can keep the ****ers out.

so ive got;
- SSID Broadcasting turned off
- WPA-2 (AES) password encryption
- ADSL speed internet

how can they use this MUCH!

It is extremely simple for people motivated to use your computer as a warez server to do so, if they are inclined. There are tons of groups that use IRC that scan blocks of ip addresses. When they find easy targets which your pc might have been, they run scripts which easily root your computer to set up ftp servers so they can place the warez material on your machine.

Also in these scripts, they setup a bot that joins their IRC channel and reports to them exactly what is going on with your machine. It is also very common for these scripts to erase system logs so you can't even check what had happened. When your pc is in the IRC channel it was made to, it can and would serve all music/videos/games/software that the hackers have placed on your machine using the ftp server the script placed on it. Now, your machine will be serving this stuff directly to anyone requesting it in the same IRC channel.

It sounds like something like this has happened to you.

Here are some preventative measures:

1) Make sure all administrator and regular user accounts on the machine (and all machines if you have more than one) use good, secure passwords.

2) Google for a rootkit scanner and let it scan your machine(s).

3) Run Malwarebytes on your machines to scan for any malware and let it remove.

4) If you don't file or print share across machines on your network, then disable netbios. Type services.msc in the start menu then hit enter. Use this screen to disable TCP/IP Netbios Helper service.

5) If you actually need to file share across machines, leave that service from 4 alone on all machines. In the TCP/IP properties page on each machine, that is where you want to disable NETBIOS then.

But now you won't be able to share.

To fix that, install the NetBeui protocol which can not be communicated with outside of your personal network. It is a non-routable protocol. For this reason alone, it is extremely secure and will not leave you vulnerable...while still allowing you to share across machines.

Follow instructions in the attachment. See below.

6) Invest in ZoneAlarm Extreme and use it to disable all network servers. Configure it so that only the programs you need to access the internet are allowed to. Put your network adapter in the internet zone as opposed to local zone. Then, only add your other computers into the local trusted zone. (I can help you lots more with all this if needed.)

7) Use this command from the command prompt to see all network connections, where they are connected to, and which program is doing it. If there are any programs you don't know about, get rid of them off the machine(s).

netstat -abno
Attached is the files needed to setup the NetBEUI protocol on Windows machines. It includes a .txt file with instructions as well. You can trust it because it is from me and personally guaranteed to be authentic Microsoft files. It is within your rights and approved by Microsoft for you to use this, if you choose to.


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Netgear, eh?

are you sure you have only one SSID active? the netgear can handle up to 4 SSID means 4 chances to break in.

just disable all SSID (wireless settings) you do not use

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