USB printer issues

Hey Guys and Gals, I just upgraded to 7 from Vista (best move made in a long time!!) however the only issue I have run into is with my printer. It is a Lexmark X6150 all in one and when I try to connect it via USB Windows does not even see it. The power is on the printer, I have tried rebooting with it plugged in and without it plugged in I have tried different USB ports I have tried scanning for hardware changes I have tried manually installing it (no USB001 port shows up when setting up new ports) nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated.

I have tried manually installing it (no USB001 port shows up when setting up new ports) nothing seems to work.

Have you tried this way:

Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Add a Printer > Add a Local Printer > Choose a Printer Port > Use an existing port > USB001(Virtual Printer Port for USB) > Next > In the Manufacturers section, select Lexmark > In the Printers section, look for your printer model and select it. If no such model, select another model number near yours.

Thanks for the response!, However I have tried this and the port USB001 does not show up as an option, all I see is LTP and COM ports

You probably don't have your printer installed, why there is no port USB001.

Lexmark X6150

I attempted to install the printer driver from Lexmark but when I get to the stage when the installer asked how the printer is linked and I click USB the installer does not detect the printer and I can not advance in the installer. The weird thing is that this printer never had issues with Vista.

I ran the program and it stated that hardware changes were not detected and to try to scan for new hardware. I did that and it failed to find any new hardware and I tried the driver installer again and It could not detect the printer in the USB port. Thanks for your help so far!!!

Well, wanted to let everyone know I finally got this problem fixed. Not quite sure what happened but this is what I did. I got tired of it and tried to connect the printer to the router and set it up as a network printer and when I connected the line from the printer to the router the printer beeped. I tried to see if the computer detected it and It did not. So I unhooked the printer from the router and reconnected it via USB and then the computer detected it and allowed me to install the drivers! Go figure....?

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