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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by Touristinmexico, Nov 8, 2010.

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    Hello from Mexico.
    Issue is this. I have a USB Wireless "Token" (USB=Token down here). It is from Movistar. That is like Verizon or ATT. I used it with no problem on a mac for about 3 months and now have it on a new HP with Win7. I could not get the tech people at the Store to even get the token to be recognized by the computer (win7). They told me it was supposed to be compatible but had no clue what to do. So, I took it home and fiddled with it. I noticed the USB was listed as a CD/DVD incorrectly under Drive Management so I figured what the hell and clicked EJECT. I got an error, but the computer then rechecked the USB and correctly recognized it as a USB. (I knew this because the prompt finally came up to let me check the internal storage in the USB where I had some photos stored.)
    The FIRST time i did I was able to then access the internet. After an hour of surfing on the card (I have plenty of time left on card still) I logged off. Next day I repeated the same process.. Plug in.. Eject.. and this time when it tried to connect I got Error 628 that I was being disconnected. I checked on this and best I could find was that I am having a port conflict of some kind. It has not worked since.
    Anyone have any ideas? I have a neighbor who is good with chicken bones and candles.. and am giving it some consideration..
    Once again, thanks for your time.
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    Have you tried a different USB port? Or failing that does the Moviestar website have a FAQ you could check out?

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