User Profile Service service falied to log on

Just want help on an error message. I tried to log on to my admin account. The error message I received was

"The User Profile Service service failed the log on.
User profile cannot be loaded."

Is any one familiar with this problem?

Dear Noob Whisper,

Thank you for pointing me to the thread. I have already read the thread.

The primary requirement from the thread is that I should log-in as an administrator. The problem is it is the Administrator Account that I can not log-in to.

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I am actually thinking of disconnecting the hard drive and and altering the registry from another computer. Would this work?
How about if I boot from CD? Do you think I can edit the registry in safe mode?

I don't what other options I have at this point.


Andrea Borman

Honorable Member
It sound like a fault on the operating system. Or that you forgot the password on your user account. What I would do is reinstall Windows and just set myself up with one account-the Administrator account.

I have just one account in which I am the Administrator and I don't have a password which is better. You don't need to set up other User accounts if you are the only one using your computer. Andrea Borman.

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