using FFmpeg to extract p3 audio


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I was using ffmpeg to strip the audio from a video file and it took like 20 minutes and I was not remotely impressed, the audiophile was like 6 hours, I would have thought taking the mp3 from a webm file would be pretty fast, however upon examination of the resources of the cpu it seems it is only using one core? See attached. Despite giving it high priority it still only used up to two cores.

I thought I would try using kdenlive in linux to do it because I presumed that might be faster, however it wanted to spend 6 hours despite me making the ffmepg go to normal usage, what on earth is going on?

Any suggestions on faster processing in future?


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On another note I tried to delete files from the destination portable mp3 player device in Thunar however it would not let me directly delete them, they had to be moved to trash first and only then be deleted. What was supposed to be a three minute job turned into 30 or more.