Windows 10 Version 1909-18363.476 You broke file explorer search


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Oct 22, 2019
Since I updated yesterday to this version File Explorer search does not work at all. I assume it is because you are using cortana/online/live search which I have all turned off in group policy because I do not want any search or info on my private computer going through anyone else's servers. I.E non-ya-business. I just don't believe that because I bought an OS that my system should be a advertising platform or spy/log my activities. Which is the reason all that is turned off.

So my question is:
How do I restore the original functionality of file explorer,you know the one that has been around,oh-what 35-ish years, with out also restoring the malware-ish online search functions which I have no need or want of ? I really just want to search local files like the good old days, that being the day before yesterday. Man, those where the days ....

I DO NOT want live search so please if there is no way then make one.
I suppose I can revert this version as a last resort but that is a crap solution at best.
You know in 1909 you can disable the bing search and Cortana and tell it to use file search only. I guess when disabling you went too far. Undo the GP edits and disable it the correct way.

That still leaves the open connection the idea is to not have open network connections at any time. I do not want cortana or live search active at all...ever . I am not a fan of this new IOT perspective I find it as intrusive and invasive as any android device and a violation of my privacy. If they want to have a live file search it should have been provided as an add-on tool like drop-box or any online storage service. not as a integral part of a core tool.
Disabling the web search should change it to local search only. Side note your posts imply that we can somehow affect Microsoft. We can't nor is this forum owned or operated by Microsoft.
No ..disabling the web search only does not does not kill the live search the connection is still there and I was still getting web results in the search... plus all that changed with this update anyway i think I will have to re-enable cortana to search local files.....who knew big brother was already here.

also my bad I am in the wrong place then ..I assumed since I can log in with my ms account this was a MS forum. I will move this question/rant over to them :)
No you don't need Cortana to search local files, 1909 changed that back to the search and indexing services.
what are you talking about ? the Search Local Disk box in file explorer does not work after the upgrade for me.
from MS...

We’re updating the search box in File Explorer to now be powered by Windows Search. This change will help integrate your OneDrive content online with the traditional indexed results. More details here.

if yours works and you have cortana turned off search history restricted ..etc.. love to know how?

here is a picture of what it is supposed to look like and mine ....


which doesn't do anything when clicked or ctrl-E
I don't want all that anyway ..just plain old search like it has always been
This is more for my peace of mind then anything else so here I go. The new file explorer uses SearchUi.exe from C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy, which I had renamed so it couldn't start. The reason being no matter how you set Group policy or system settings, it was always connecting to the net and doing searches. So just so I can do file searches until I can figure out something else I turned it back on. and here is what i get ..

As you can see, yep it went out and did a web search.. here are the group policy settings I have ..which do nothing as far as I can tell.


As far as I Know that should stop the searchUI from going out to the web but it doesn't at all. Which is why I disabled it to begin with i.e. I don't want MS to log all my searches especially from my desktop. Now with file explorer they are tracking (I'm sure) what the heck I am looking for on my own system. It strikes me as google envy since that is exactly what makes android so horrible, it tracks everything.

The good news, kinda, is at least I can search my files now even if MS it watching.....
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Let's face the fact, Windows Search has sucked for a very long time. Download Everything and be done with it :)
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