Very Confused about upgrade from vista to 7

OK so I had windows vista and i had a corrupt file. I installed the vista service pack 2, and this screwed everything up so that I could not boot up vista anymore. My school sells window 7 for $50 so i thought it would be a good time to do the upgrade.

I put the disc in booted up and am now running windows 7. However, my hard drive says that there are 150/220 GB occupied, with only 70 GB filled.

What do i need to do to clear everything off my hard drive so that all that is on my CPU is windows 7?
My disc says Windows Ultimate 7 32Bit english disk kit



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The os will have taken some space for itself.. When 7 is installed depending on the type of installation a 100MB partition is also created. Not only that, but your shadow copies need somewhere to live so a certain amount is taken over for them (you can reduce this size via the control panel).
This guide will give you more info on them and how you can either reduce them or lose one of them or all of them.. - The TweakGuides Tweaking Companion (you'll notice the regular copy is free)

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