VHD on bitlocker drive


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Hi all.
I have a dell xps running windows 10. It is equipped with a 512GB SSD which is encrypted using Bitlocker.
Due to the fact that I basically locked out of my pc because I do not have with me the recovery ID, and I am in the process of selling the pc, I was wondering if I could export the entire disk as VHD file, and copy it to another external disk, so as to format the SSD and sell the laptop.
I did not do that before on a disk which was Bitlocker encrypted and I want to make sure that this will enable me in the future when I will have the recovery ID to unlock the VHD and get my data.

Thank you.


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Can't say I've ever attempted it but yeah it should be possible. You should be able to mount the VHD on another computer and it will either ask for the password or you should have the option of entering the recovery ID