Video 7900GT Card

Hello all,
New to the forum. I have just migrated my working XP machine to build 7100 64 bit with a clean install. Problem I have had since install is with the Nvidia 7900 GT card. Everything worked just fine under XP.

There are two issues with similar symptoms. The first is that I have two dell 24" monitors hooked up to the card using the DVI ports. Both monitors worked fine during install until the very last reboot when if more than one monitor is plugged in the primary monitor screen switches into a stair step pattern and the GPU fan kicks on. Strange part is the secondary monitor turns on and displays just fine.

Second if I have just one monitor plugged in everything works fine until say I try and start a game it seems as soon as the GPU fan kicks on the monitor blanks out again with the stair stepping.

I have tried the windows update drivers for the Nvidia (most stable)
I have tried the most recent drivers from Nvidia (less stable and essential would cause the above behavior randomly)
I have tried a rebuild on W7 build 7100 32 bit.

Nothing seems to work.
Any thoughts?

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