Windows 7 video signal is lost during first boot

Kewl Munky

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Jan 14, 2009
I finished the install and tried loading up windows but after it tries to go passed the loading menu with the logo my monitor goes into standby mode, so that tells me that for some reason I'm losing video signal. Is it possible that windows 7 doesn't support my 9800GX2 yet?
I had that same problem, I fixed it by going through Safe Mode, and reinstalling the video driver. Although the graphics loss I experienced was not on the first boot, but on a subsequent one.
I tried going through safe mode originally but then it said it could not finish the install in safe mode, so my first boot has to be regular.
I had the same problem on a reboot during installation, since I still had hdd activity I let it go for about twenty minutes and the displays came up.
Twnety minutes? Holy shit, I thought I only should wait about five. Well I'll give it another go then, thanks. But if that doesn't work I'll boot it up with a secondary graphics card and go find my driver.
it's a newer computer with good specs, something told me to wait since the hdd led was going crazy. typically i would have quit waiting in a few minutes myself.
Well waiting didn't work, so I threw in an older card and downloaded the driver myself. The one from windows update wouldn't work and the one from nvidia's site was claimed to have been installed "successfully" though in device manager it said their was an error. I tried rebooting without the old card and just like I expected it still doesn't work. As of now, windows 7 is shit since it can't even handle drivers worth a damn.
Update: I threw in an older card, got it running but windblows update couldn't get the driver to install for my gx2, so I downloaded it from nvidia and it claimed it was installed "successfully" but device manager begged to differ. But I decided to try it anyway anticipating windows failure to use my card once again at boot, and sure enough, when I booted without the older card I lost picture.

I'm getting so sick of microsoft and their shitty products. You shouldn't release a test version of something that is years away from being finished.
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