Video transfer, W7 to W8?

Totally new to W8, but reasonably literate for a 64 yr old. Can anybody please tell me why I cannot simply transfer video from my W7 Samsung laptop to my W8 HP Touchscreen 11.6 netbook? Picture, docs, all okay, but with video it will transfer the sound but not the picture. Any thoughts please. Regards, Bert.


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What file type is it (mpg, avi etc)? What software are you using to play it? Do you get any error message? It may be a codec problem (the software which encodes and decodes sound and images). Try the very popular and free video player vlc from here:

Howdy Pat, Many thanks for taking the time to post that link. I've downloaded it and can now at least play my videos. The files that I'm using are MPEG videos and as I say, the sound transfers over but there is no picture. By software, I can only say that I've been trying to play them on the inbuilt Windows Media Player. If you have any other thoughts or advice I'd be very grateful, regards, Bert.

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I prefer vlc player and use it by default for all video types.

Two questions please Pat.
1. How do I set vlc as default?,
2. Can vlc be used in conjunction with windows movie maker?


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1. Go to control panel, Programs, default programs, set your default programs. In the left panel select vlc media player, click on the link "choose defaults for this program" to specify individual file types of your choosing or "set this program as default to select it for all file type which it is capable of opening. I would advise the first option as vlc can run play both video and sound files which you may not wish it to do.

2. I assume you mean play back files created under movie maker - it will if you have associated the file type created under one of the options in the preceding paragraph.


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I have dozens of videos that I created or saved originally in Windows 7 that I now play on my Windows 8 computer.
Everything from Mpg, and AVI to .MOV, they all play in Windows Media player with no problems.

I've found Media Player to be the most versatile of the players that I've tried.

My only guess is that you are missing a Codec that is required for the file type you are having problems with.
I know that I have several additional codec packs installed by other video software that I'm running.

You could check out this codec pack for Windows Media player.

If you do a lot with video you might be interested in Any Video Converter.

It will solve pretty much any issue with Video that won't play because of the format.


Howdy, and many thanks to both Pat & Mike. After trying vlc, I had a go at the any-video-converter and this is the best for my requirements. Regards to you both, and once again, many thanks, Bert.

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