Videogame Isuue, No error message?!?!

ok so im runnin 64 bit win 7 pro. ive installed many games and only one never worked on this laptop which is warcraft 3. now, however, the same thing is happening to half of my games, one day they just stopped working ang i cant figure out why. here is what happens, i double click the shortcut or executable for whatever game it is that i want to play and it doesnt start up. there is no error message or anything. the process for the game starts up in the task manager, and the mouse keeps flickering like its "busy" and thats it. i have to restart my laptop to get it to start. i noticed that if only does it with games that require a disc to play like diablo II, oblivion, warcraft 3, ect. i reinstalled the games in question and the problem continues. ive checked up and down the forums and could not find anything that mentions this. plz help.:(


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Do a restore to a point when the games worked. Try also double clicking the .exe file from the installation folder instead of the shortcut. Try to remember what you installed or did on that day and uninstall it (if you couldn't restore). If all these don't work, tell us and we will try to help further.

... the process for the game starts up in the task manager, and the mouse keeps flickering like its "busy" and thats it.
If you have a firewall installed, it may be temporarily blocking your games until you click "allow" or mark them "trustworthy".

ok so i tried the restore and still no dice. the only thing i installed was the 360 controller software, from Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows . uninstalled it and still nothin. also all my games are in my exceptions list for my firewalls. ty for helpin guys. i noticed something today though, another game crapped out on me but it did it when i tried to play it without the cd in. it needs the cd to start but it wasnt in and windows never came up with the error to tell me that the cd needed to be in, it just did the same thing as with the other games. now it does it every time regardless if i put the cd in or not. the game in question is slatker - call of prypiat. not sure thats a variable but just in case.

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