Windows 8 virtualbox 4.2.6 install triggers autorepair at next cold boot


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Jan 2, 2013
I have a strange behavior when I install virtualbox on my windows8 laptop: Cold boot (windows8 restart) will then fail, whereas shutdown (fast boot enabled) or suspend still work fine.

Laptop is an HP G6 with an SSD installed with 64 bit windows 8. Prior to the virtualbox install all three actions (suspend/shutdown/restart) work fine.

If I install virtualbox (simply installing, not creating any VM), then the next restart will trigger an "automatic repair" screen at boot. Will never terminate. Only way to fix is to escape + F11 and restore a previous restore point. If instead I say shutdown (I have fast boot enabled) or suspend, the system will restart fine at next power on or resume.

Any hints on what the system checks on at cold boot time ? Something that the virtualbox install could break ?

It sounds like a VirtualBox problem check their forum for more help. You can also try VMware player it's free.

Well just tried vmware, exact same behavior. The cold bott fails and I have to restore previous state.
I did also post this topic on the virtualbox forum at the same time
Any debug I can turn on ?


One thing I need to say BTW. The SSD is a byte to byte copy of the original HDD drive.
Doesn't hurt without virtualbox/vmware, cold boot works fine.
But could it be that the virtualbox/vmware install process rebuilds some MBR/EFI/disk/partition portions with wrong information ?
I would need to test the same thing on the initial HDD, but it is tedious to re-open the laptob and swap drives again