vista and sony vaio VVGN-FW170J

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    I have had this laptop for sometime. I just recently had the screen changed. I went to install frontier secure,as i had been without virus protection etc.. for about 2 weeks. My computer was running very slow
    and i was not able to load FS. So when I called Frontier and we tried many different ways to get them logged on to my laptop so they remotely could take a look at what the problem maybe. Because the system is running so slowly they couldnt log in. They told me to update my windows program and that might help. When i contacted Best Buy they said $250 minimum. Of course i havent backed up my files in years and cant get logged in timely to back them up. Is there somethingbelse I could try?
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    Have you run some basic maintenance as this can often speed up a pc more so than of the so called cleaners.
    Go to the control panel and look for Administrator tools. In this section run:
    Disk Clean (you need to run it first to tick all the boxes of the options menu then run it again to actually cycle it)

    Disk defragmenter

    The look in the start menu for command prompt, right click on it and run as administrator. Type:
    sfc /scannow
    Press enter and await results.

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