Windows 10 Sony Vaio Brightness Issue

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Help and Support' started by sandz2710, Aug 13, 2015.

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    I have a Sony Vaio VPCS13L8E which we have just installed Windows 10 on.

    Working perfectly EXCEPT the brightness controls ~ the brightness is very dim! I can change the brightness up to 100% and it doesn't get any brighter.

    My boyfriend has a Vaio also and his brightness controls work. I can see the screen but it's quite dim and I'd like to up the brightness slightly...any ideas???

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    Hi Sandz,
    trouble is Sony isn't releasing new drivers any time soon. I popped on the support page for your machine (the usual place you find laptop drivers) and found this message re Windows 10:

    So I guess for a while at least support is going to be patchy. Some upgrades run better than others depending on the state of the os, what applications were installed and whether anti-virus was enabled or not (when upgrading it should be turned off). All I'm saying or trying to say is that these variables will effect the outcome of the upgrade which is probably why your seeing a difference between the two machines.
    Microsoft did release two large patches which I know fixed a few things for people so make sure yours is fully updated by running the Windows update app. You can find it via the start menu and settings. Click on the update icon and then check for updates.

    The thought just struck me, it might be worth posting in the Sony forums to see if anyone else has had the same issue and found a fix?
    Vaio - Sony Insider Forums

    I also did a little search on your issue. Some found updating the graphics driver helped. You could always try the Windows 7/8 graphics driver off the support page?
    Support for VPCS13L8E | Sony
    Try installing the driver under compatibility mode.
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