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    I have my backup running automatically, doing a backup every 7 days. Yesterday I noticed the back up kept running, until it racked up 73 folders totaling 12.2GB.

    Whereas the last backup was 172MB in one folder. The 1-5-14 backup was: 94KB and 180,416KB in two folders. 12-22-13 backup was: 407,000KB in 3 files. 12-15-14 Backup was: 235,000KB in 2 files.

    I stopped the most recent backup as it kept running. I have backups going back to 10-4-2011.

    My Data(D:) is showing 14.5 GB of 95GB left on my laptop.

    My questions are: Can I delete some of these backups and just leave the last completed backup? In order to create some space on my disk? Or maybe delete the most recent backup and re-run it?

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