Vista Easy Transfer problem


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I just spent 18 and a half hours running Vista Easy Transfer on my old XP computer. I sent the files to an external hard drive. There were files on Drive C: & Drive D:, with the majority of them being on D:. When I tried to transfer them to the new Vista computer, it brought me to a window with the following options.

"Select one or more drives to use on your new computer"
You can transfer files and settings from drives on this computer to any drive on your new computer.

Drive on the old computer Drive on the new computer

C: C:
D: D:
G: C:

The C: on the old computer column is Bold but the C: on the new computer is grayed out and I can't select it. The D: on the old computer column is Bold but the D: on the new computer is grayed out and I
can't select it. The G: on the old computer, which is my external drive, is bold and the C: on the new computer lets me select it. But when I try to do the transfer, I get an error message that the D: drive on the new computer does not have enough space to transfer the files. I don't understand why it is trying to transfer the files on G: to D: when I specifically told it to transfer everything to the C: drive. Does anyone know why it is doing this and how I can get around it? Hope this isn't too confusing. Would appreciate any suggestions.



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Thanks for the tutorial. There is nothing in it though about the transfer going to the wrong drive. Thanks for trying to help though.


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Thank you very much for all of your suggestions. You are the only one that tried to help me. Today I finally decided to do the Easy Transfer on the C: drive only, which went quite smoothly. It transferred the email settings, all of the emails, the favorites, etc. On the D: drive, which only has pictures, videos, music, etc. on it, I am doing a manual transfer by copying these files to my external hard drive and then will copy them on the new computer. Wish I had done this in the first place, it would have saved me a lot of time. It never occurred to me that it would insist on putting D: drive to the D: drive on the new computer. Anyway, your efforts have been greatly appreciated. Keep up the good support.

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