Windows 7 Vista software for ATI Radeon X1650 pro?

They should do, try running Windows update first, see if that has a driver for you. The Vista ones would be my next bet. No harm in trying.
the drivers work but what i want is the ATI Catlayst control center on my windows 7. so should that work?

Did the Vista drivers work or was it the Windows update driver?

There was someone with the same problem now I remember a while back, not sure if we solved it, but have a look at this thread.

Does installing the Vista driver/ccc package not work?
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Ok so from what i gathered from that 9.1 or 9.2 CCC should work for the vista 32 edition. i'll try that with just the CCC and no driver.
I modded the ATI 9600 Radeon driver from ATI's site with Mobility Modder and got CCC for my ATI Mobility Radeon 9600. Just follow the Vista steps exactly on Mobility Modder's website.

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Well, CCC works with my ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 on my ThinkPad T42 in Windows 7 RC1 (using Mobility Modder to mod the ATI Catalyst suite for Vista 32).

I was just posting what I had heard on other posts relating to this issue.

So I guess it works for some, but not for all.