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So I just bought a mic... and started to train my PC... I stopped half way before completing the training... not because of any problems... it was just a long process, however, I'd like to know if using the speech program is wroth the time... if as I've heard this speech program isn't as good as advertised....

If anyone on this site using the speech program... do you have any suggestions... and let me say I can type very well in addition to write... but, I was going to do a very large presentation and felt dictation would be more efficient: cutting a 10hr project down to 5..... can anyone tell me if trying the speech program is wroth it..????



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thanks reghakr....

I'll go there now.... I was hoping for 1st hand input from users on this site... I guess that should answer my questions....

thanks for the quick come back...



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No problem,

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