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I baught my computer and then i got the free vista upgrade. I instaled it and now dont want it anymore. Can i use my xp recovery disks so i can have xp again. Is it illegal.

If i cant, what else can i do.
I want to go from home preimum to profesional

there is no option for the date i baught it, so i cant restore before i baught vista

does it make a differance the fact that i upgraded

is it safe to do that because its downgrading

i dont have an xp cd , apart from the recovery disk


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There is no way to downgrade. You can't safely install XP over Vista. You should do a clean install. If your computer comes with an emergency restore feature you could try using that to go back to XP or boot from the XP CD and do a clean install.


anyone ever heard of system restore??
run that back to the day you bought the computer.