Visual C# Command Line Compiler has stopped working

Eddy Gilley

New Member

I have been coming to this site since i got my new Sony VAIO laptop a year ago. You have a wealth of information and are able to describe problems and possible fixes in a manner the masses can understand. For the past 3 days I have been searching here and other sites trying to resolve my issue.

About 4 days ago I received an error message on start up "Visual C# Command Line Compiler has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." I click "close" and after a few more screens (same message) the laptop is now up and running. I have found from my research there is a file associated with this--csc.exe. I do not know if it is the cause or not. Based on research this is a component in C++ and associated with .NET.

I have tried using sfc but only get to 96% and received the message "Windows Resource Protection found integrity violations." BTW, I am running sfc from an elevated cmd prompt. I have also ran verify and viewed the logs. I am attaching the sfc details because the log is too large, but neither the log for the scan or from verify have any items close to what I am experiencing.

In a bit when I finish some work that must be completed by TUE pm, I will run sfc in safe mode. Hopefully it will complete the scan. I looked at my install logs for the past couple of days and there are no updates in the at time so I do not think that could have caused a problem. Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions is appreciated.

I have Norton 360 with updated virus subscriptions, and have also ran CCleaner and SpyBot (I do this each month).

Thank you