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    Mads Kristensen is back, today with a VS Extension that will help VS Extension builders build Extensions. That is so meta I had to highlight, even through it's currently at v0.2 (might be at 0.3, 0.4 by the time you read this... :)

    Speaking of Mads, are are few other recent times we've highlighted his Extensions;

    Extensibility Tools

    An extension for making it easier to write Visual Studio extensions

    Here's a list of features

    Pkgdef files

    Syntax highlighting

    Colorizes registry keys, strings, keywords, comments and more.



    Intellisense is provided for tokens and GUIDs.



    By typing a question mark on an empty line, a list of snippets appear. Hit Tab on the snippet you want and it will be inserted.


    Brace matching

    Matches parantheses and square brackets.


    Validates various common mistakes like unknown tokens and unclosed strings and braces.



    Format the entire document or just the selected lines.

    [Click through to get it in the Gallery]

    And Mads being Mads, the source is available too! There's additional features mentioned there too.. (you can really see he's got it under active development... there was a commit 20 minutes ago... :)



    Editor margin

    The margin is located below the bottom scrollbar.


    Document encoding

    Shows the encoding of the current document and more details on hover.


    Content type

    Shows the content type of the textbuffer at the caret position. The over tooltip shows the name of the base content type.


    Displays the name of the classification at the caret position in the document. The hover tooltip shows the inheritance hierarchy of the EditorFormatDefinition's BaseDefinition attribute.



    If you create an extension and release it's source, let us know!

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