Vivaldi: the new kid on the block

Ralph Bromley

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In recent years it seems like nearly every browser under the sun has become a clone of google chrome in some form or fashion.
From Opera,to Maxthon, to Edge to even Firefox looking more like chrome then it does its own browser.
Its attack of the chrome clones and its gotten very stale and boring.
But then there is Vivaldi which while can use chromes extensions and uses its blink engine is an entirely new kettle of fish in looks.
It is very reminiscent of the old opera browser which is no coincidence as its developed by a former member of Opera Jón S. von Tetzchner
While just entering its first main release it is already becoming my favorite browser and has a very promising future with plans for a new version of the old opera mail client and cross platform user account wizards.
Its still new and lacks some features but is off to a much better start then opera when it transformed from one of the best browsers on the web to a pathetic shell of its former self.
Try it out:

A New Web Browser for Our Friends – Vivaldi

Trust me it may lack some things now but its very good already.

Ralph Bromley

Extraordinary Member
well if it works in chrome it will work in vivaldi, its based on the same engine without being just another chrome clone