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Windows 8 VLC and YouTube jumpy when running games.


New Member
Dec 19, 2012
Hey I am running dual monitors and I usually run VLC or chrome on the second monitor when I am playing games, but VLC and YouTube video starts jumping when I run games like BF3 and Far Cry 3. yet the audio is completely fine. it only happens when the game is active.
i also changed VLCs video output to OpenGL to stop it crashing when opening games.
What system you running Tigerbomb? CPU, RAM and so on...
What system you running Tigerbomb? CPU, RAM and so on...

CPU: I7 2600k
GPU: Radeon 7970
RAM: 12gb kingston hyperx 1333Mhz

a couple of days ago it was working fine under Windows 7

EDIT: i just maxed out the CPU with prime95 and it was fine but if running Furmark youtube then craps it self again
i will try reinstalling the graphics drivers
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Are you overclocking your gpu? Also what are your temps like re gpu? Lastly what about your other drivers, bios etc? Are you running the latest versions? We've noticed with the posts we are seeing that this is quite critical with windows 8, more so than other past operating systems.