Windows 7 Freezing when running games


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My Windows 7 freezes when I play games. I have downloaded the newest video card drivers and my motherboard does not have drivers yet so I downloaded the Windows Vista ones. Windows runs fine when I am on the internet or in iTunes and programs like that but when I play games it freezes. I have had this problem when I play Stalker Clear Sky, Fallout 3, and Call of Duty World at War. All these games are patched to the newest versions. I have also read people not having problems with these games and saying that they run fine on Windows 7. In Fallout 3 and Stalker it seems to be freezing randomly but in Call of Duty it seems to freeze in about the same places. Also in Call of Duty it would freeze and I would keep trying and eventualy it would play fine, but now it wont work like that. When it first started happening I just thought it was the drivers and my video card was overheating so I updated the drivers and it still froze. Next I got the Nvidia tool to check the temps and EVGA Precision and my temps are fine. Then I ran Call of Duty in safe mode and it still froze and my temp were low. I know a lot of this info might be useless but I figured I would throw it in just incase. Below is my build.

Windows 7 RC Build 7100
Intel Q6600
2 Seagate 500 HDD in RAID 0
2 GB Dominator RAM
More info

Also when the games crash I do not get any error they just freeze and I CTRL+ALT+DELETE and end the task and it shuts down the game right away.

Yes, games do seem to be a problem, I believe related to video drivers and resolution factors.

Try right-clicking on the executable files, choose properties, click the Compatibility tab and change to a different OS and/or disable some of the other features.

Also, go to Control Panel > Device Manager and look for any entry that has a yellow flag beside it
Hi, i found this thread on google and I've registerd myself because I have the very same problem: until yesterday every game worked fine, but today the games keep freezing and returning to desktop without making windows 7 crash

My pc:
- Windows 7 RC1 32bit
- Intel P8600
- Geforce 9500M

Since yesterday I have installed only 2 things:
- an important Windows Update (don't know which one in particular)
- the game Prototype with its Directx setup

I've tried to reinstall Directx and new Nvidia drivers without success.. Unfortunately I can't simply use a restore point since Windows keeps giving me errors when I try to
Any idea?

I'm sorry for my bad english, but I'm italian! :rolleyes:
Thanks everybody in advance!

Edit: no use in changing compatibility mode nor yellow flags in device manager
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Both of you, have you updated the audio drivers to the latest verison?
EDIT: I can confirm that COD WAW works, completed it on Win 7 already ;)
As I've already said until yesterday everything worked perfectly and I'm using Windows7 since the RC1 had been released two months ago.. I don't think it's an audio driver problem..
I have had no problems with a game, and then one day it starts crashing, making BSOD, etc... - that was an audio driver problem, and a more recent version fixed that... I didnt check my audio driver because "it used to work" ;)

End of hint :)
Windows 7 freezes

I have Windows 7 professional 64bit and Vista Ultimate 32 bit both installed on my computer on seperate drives. Vista runs fine, but Windows 7 freezes completly after a few minutes of running forcing a complete reboot.
Windows Diagnostics reports that there are No problems.
Can you suggest anything?