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Discussion in 'Virtualization' started by Trouble, Oct 8, 2011.

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    A few days ago (October 4th) a new version of VMware Player was released (Version 4.0.0 build 471780). Since the earlier version of VMware Player did not support the installation of Windows 8 Developers Preview, I was anxious to try this new build to see if it did.
    I was pleasantly surprised to find that after building my virtual machine, the subsequent install of Windows 8 Developer Preview went without a hitch.
    However, after having the system up and running and fully patched with Windows Updates, I decided to install VMware Tools from within the guest operating system. After concluding the installation of VMware Tools and rebooting the guest OS (as per prompt) the Windows 8 install would not boot and would freeze at the black "Please Wait" screen. So apparently the version of VMware Tools, is less than optimal for a Windows 8 VM.
    Just wondering if anyone else here has had the opportunity to try the new version of VMware Player and if so if they had experienced anything similar.

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