W7-64bit installation not detecting HD...

Hello guys,

I need some help please.

Put together a computer and started the W7-64bit installation and as soon as it gets to the screen where it asks for the HD to install windows on, it does not detect my HD and keeps asking for a Driver, which i cannot find it anymore. I tried the Driver on the GIGABYTE site but doesn't seem to work. WD does not seem to have drivers on their site.

The Bios is reading it fine. Here is the Hardware im using.


Western Digital Caviar Green WD5000AADS 500GB 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb

I haven't had this problem before with Windows 7. I have 2 other computers which run W7 64bit and for some reason this one is giving me a hard time.

Is it the motherboard that's the problem ? Should I upgrade the bios ?

Any help would be appreciated.

BTW. I installed W7 on that computer on an old IDE HD, and i was able to access and even format that WD HD... but as soon as i make it my primary HD and try to install W7 on it... it doesn't work.

make sure in the bios it is set as sata port and the cable is well seated - maybe try another port. Check the HDD is okay and seen by the bios. It should work out of the box and without any driver as 7 does have a MS driver provided the HDD is okay.


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Before even thinking about the OS, as Agent Data suggested, I would boot into the BIOS Setup Menu and see if the drive is identified in there. If not, then this has nothing to do with Windows.

Yeah the BIOS is detecting it, it shows on the loading screen also when the computer is booting, but for some reason WINDOWS 7 will not detect it....

I really don't know what to do anymore. I even updated the BIOS...

And i cannot find the drivers for the HD anywhere, well i've never had to install a HD driver before.... what could be causing W7 not to detect it ???


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There would be no drivers. Windows 7 recognizes SATA drives natively. I think if me, I would try that drive in another machine. And I would make sure it is formated too.


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go in to the bios setup again. The drive is recognised but is it set correctly. Somewhere there will be a tab called something like storage modes or settings. Make sure it is set to "sata" also make sure in the "Boot" page it is selected as the boot drive
Go through every bios setting and make sure tjhat is set up correctly. I hope this helps

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