Windows 7 W7 appears not to RDP to Vista Home Pr. X-64 --hackable for X-32


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Jan 20, 2009
Hi guys
Is it just me on a Monday or have MS deliberately disabled RDP on Vista Home Premium X-64 -- If so this is zillions of steps backwards as most people I know usually want to connect to say a Home computer from work (or vice versa).
There normally isn't any problem using your Home computer / laptop TO connect to a wok computer / network / VPN.

I usually connect to a VISTA ULtimate computer if I have to use RDP to VISTA. I must admit I never thought of trying to connect to a VISTA HOME PREMIUM X-64 computer with RDP but I can't get it to work.

There is a get around for connecting TO a Vista home premium X-32 computer but it's a hack and you have to do it BEFORE installing SP1. The connectivity remains after installing SP1 but the hack doesn't work if you try it directly from SP1.

Any workarounds or am I flogging a dead horse here.

connecting TO or FROM W7 ( i.e W7 to W7 / W7 From W7) has no problems (but I suppose that's because it's the Ultimate edition).

I Hope Microsoft won't remove RDP from the "Ordinary" editions when the product launches -- that would be a total SHOW STOPPER for me -- of all the issues I've had with W7 (and not too many thank goodness this one WOULD kill it off for me).
This is ONE facility I MUST HAVE .

I don't see why I should spend a lot of money on getting "Ultimate" for 6 machines just for this one feature which we've had since Windows 2000 days.

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